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Best DSLR For The Money?

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whether you are a professional photographer who is looking to upgrade your current Digital SLR camera, or just a hobby-enthusiast looking to compile high definition family photo albums & birdwatching snapshots, knowing which DSLR is the best for your purposes can be difficult.

If you’ve got billions at your disposal, this question is easy to answer: “I don’t care what it costs; give me the best DSLR ever made, and deliver it to me on a silver platter encrusted with rubies!” Oh, if only life were so easy.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have an extra $15,000 to $40,000 laying around – which, believe it or not, is what top-of-the-line gear can run you:


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The vast majority of beginner & intermediate photographers understand that making the leap to DSLR is what will take them to the next level and likely open up the possibility for professional work. So, the quality of your camera can be viewed as an investment: if you get a DSLR capable of delivering a level of quality that will surprise your early clients, your reputation will grow quickly and you will be bound to get more word of mouth business.

For professional DSLR photographers who are looking to upgrade their current gear, finding the right intersection of affordability and performance is often the main concern. While knowing how much to spend can be difficult, it is extremely important not to assume that certain minor features won’t have a major impact on your long-term goals as a photographer. If you are looking to work as a professional, don’t skimp! Of course, the camera does not make the photographer, but don’t limit yourself if you are getting ready to invest in your future.

For people who see photography as a hobby, the question simply is a matter of your budget. DSLR cameras are, after all, some of the most complex optical machines on the planet – you might be surprised by the level of quality you can buy at an affordable price.

When asking yourself, “What is the best DSLR for the money that I’m about to spend?,” first you’ll have to decide what you want to photograph. Will you be trekking in the jungle where waterproofing and long battery life will be necessary? Will you be shooting in the studio? Do you want to take action pictures, portraits, landscapes, or night-time shots? Or do you want your camera to be able to adapt to all of these scenarios?

Once you sort out exactly what your plans are for using your new camera, you’ll have something to start with when you begin to compare DSLR brands and reviews of specific models.

Set a price range that you can afford, and make a list of the cameras you’ve researched, noting the pros and cons of each DSLR. Later, you can use this list to review all the models you’ve considered, to narrow down your search.

If your budget is not a major concern and you’re looking for top-notch quality in your equipment, check out our picks for the best DSLR cameras available online.

If you are looking to save a few bucks, check out our DSLR price guide where you can find DSLR cameras under $1000, under $3000, or under $5000.

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